Testing Service, Design Services, Engineering Services

Design Center
Purple Diamond offers an array of testing capabilities to accommodate the unique needs of our clientele. Our state-of-the-art equipment lends the ability to provide extensive Environmental Conditioning, Distribution Simulations, UNDOT hazardous goods testing, and a variety of Consumer Products and Material Testing. We have the capabilities to perform ASTM, ISTA, UNDOT, TAPPI, ISO, and company specific protocols. We are committed to providing these services in a correct, timely and resource driven facility.
Testing Center
The purpose of a package is to CONTAIN, PROTECT, TRANSPORT and SELL. Purple Diamond’s design services bind these aspects together while minimizing cost. This process creates an aesthetically pleasing package that captivates the buyer, and a robust system to make sure it stays that way.
Engineering Center
Purple Diamond is more than a testing facility. It is an Innovation Center, where we strive to provide best-in-class service. We have over two decades of high level experience in Package Engineering and Validation. From this experience, we offer several consulting services in a multitude of fields. We take a methodical approach in executing the most successful outcome in Testing, Design and Engineering. This strategy generates positive results in bringing confidence to our clients’ during market launch.