Welcome to the Innovation Center

The goal at Purple Diamond is to perform tests, design and engineer in a timely and efficient manner, and correctly bring your products to market. We strive to be the BEST at what we do, and be the BEST resource for you!

Purple Diamond The Innovation Center provides; testing, design, and engineering services to a wide variety of industries. We do this onsite at your facility with staffing solutions, remotely in our Innovation Center, or a combination of both. Our staff has experience in product and package design, manufacturing processes, distribution systems/simulation along with materials testing and quality assurance.

We are a ISTA , Amazon APASS, UN/DOT and TAPPI certified facility and is registered with ASTM. Our lab complies with ISO standards as well as many test standards and organizations. We are able to meet all ISO 11607 for medical device validation.

Mission Statement

Purple Diamond is your one-stop center for package and product innovation. We are here to assist you during the development process to create a holistic relationship throughout all departments of your business and help bring your product to market.


Purple Diamond is based out of Bethlehem, located in Eastern Pennsylvania. We are a short drive from Allentown, Easton and New Jersey. We offer a local solution to the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas, central New Jersey and Philadelphia Region.

Purple Diamond