Are your products being damaged during shipping?


Are you losing products in transit due to unnecessary damage?

A multinational consumer electronics manufacturer of delicate electronic equipment shipped globally was facing a significant issue with their packaged products arriving damaged at the customer’s location. This not only led to increased costs in replacing damaged products but also tarnished their reputation with customers.

Are you losing products in transit?

The company approached Purple Diamond

We conducted a thorough assessment of their packaging design, material, and even product to understand where the problem lies.

  • Utilizing the distribution testing simulation laboratory

  • Simulated the distribution cycle reproducing the modes of transit the packaging system experiences

  • Resulting in the identification of several weaknesses in the packaging design as well as material choice


After conducting the series of tests including drop tests, vibration tests, compression tests, and environmental tests, Purple Diamond identified several weaknesses in the electronic company’s packaging design and material choice.

Engineers found that the packaging was not able to withstand the rigors of the shipping process and failed to protect the delicate equipment inside. 

Purple Diamond Laboratory worked closely with the electronic company’s packaging design team to create a new packaging design that is robust and protective. We also helped them choose the right materials that can withstand the stresses of shipping. 

After design completion and successful testing after that, Purple Diamond helped the electronics company achieve the successful relaunch of their product line. The packaging design has been tested and found to be suitable for the rigors of global shipping. This boosted the company’s confidence in their packaging design and provided assurance to their customers that their products will arrive safely and in pristine condition.

In conclusion, with the help of Purple Diamond, the company was able to fix their packaged product damage issue and enhance their reputation for providing high-quality, durable products. Are you losing products in transit due to unnecessary damage? Are you looking for a package testing provider to help you streamline your packaged product’s journey? 

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