Are Your Packages Being Crushed in Transit?


One of the best things you can do for your customers in 2023 is make sure their packaged goods get to them on time and without damage. Save on returns and damage costs by getting your products’ packaging correct the first time.

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Purple Diamond – Design | Test | Engineer


During transit testing, products are subjected to various stress factors like vibration, shock, temperature/humidity variations, and compression. The testing is done to replicate real-world scenarios where a product may be moved from one location to another. The methodology for product transit testing involves designing a test plan, selecting a suitable test environment, recording and analyzing results before presenting a final report.

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Package Testing for products in transit involves checking the product’s ability to withstand various stresses and environmental conditions during transportation. The following are some of the tests used in product transit testing:

1. Drop Test: This test involves dropping the product from various heights to simulate the impact it may face during transit.

2. Vibration Test: During transit, products are subjected to the constant vibrations of the vehicle or airplane. This test simulates those vibrations to ensure that the product remains undamaged.

3. Compression Test: This test is used to check how the product responds to pressure during transit, especially when stacked with other products.

4. Temperature and Humidity Test: This test checks the product’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity during transit.

5. Packaging Integrity Test: This test checks the packaging’s ability to protect the product during transit and determines if there is any damage to the packaging that could affect the product.

6. Impact Test: This test simulates an impact on the product during transit. It evaluates the fragility of the product.

7. Tilt and Tip Test: This test checks if the product remains stable and in the correct position during transit.

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Product transit testing is crucial to ensure the product’s quality and safety during transportation. It reduces the risk of damage, loss, and costly returns. 

The goal of product transit testing is to determine the limits of a product’s durability and make any necessary adjustments by improving packaging or protection. This testing is mostly done for products that are fragile, sensitive, or high-value items, such as electronics, medical equipment, or automotive parts. It helps to ensure that products meet the regulatory requirements for safe transportation, whether traveling domestically or internationally. Save money.

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