The Benefits of Outsourcing Your ICH Stability Studies

Purple Diamond provides stability storage services for pharma, medical device, and food and beverage companies.  Biological Storage Services Include: ➡️Clinical Trials➡️ ICH Stability Storage➡️ Medical Device➡️ Package Integrity Testing➡️ Pallet Testing➡️ Shipping Lane Studies➡️ Vaccine

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Modern Packaging Innovations

Packaging is always changing.. Here is a list of a few new-age ideas for yours. 1. Go Plastic-Free There are plenty of materials you can use in package design that are still efficient.  2. Go

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E-Commerce Package Testing

‘Tis the Season for Consumer E-Shopping. Packaging is important now more than ever. 🎄 The global retail e-Commerce packaging market stands at US$ 16.8 Bn as of now and is expected to reach US$ 21.4

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Distribution (Transit) Testing

Distribution Testing is crucial for evaluating whether or not a package system will effectively protect a product throughout the distribution process. Whether a lifesaving medical device, temperature controlled pharmaceuticals, or time sensitive consumer goods, all

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TAPPI Testing Standards

What is TAPPI? TAPPI is a registered not-for-profit, international Non-Governmental Organization of about 14,000 member engineers, scientists, managers, academics and others involved in the areas of pulp, and paper. In addition to pulp and paper,

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PACK EXPO 2022 Chicago, Illinois

✨ Purple Diamond is heading to the PACK EXPO October 23rd-26th in Chicago. This expo is everything for those in the packaging industry. The best of the best will be there talking about how to:

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