Case Study on ISTA 1C Individual Packaged Products 150 lb or Less



ISTA 1C is an international standard test used in the packaging industry to simulate real-world challenges faced during transportation. This test evaluates the ability of packaging to protect the product from shocks and vibrations during its journey from the manufacturer to the end-user. By subjecting packages to a series of tests, manufacturers can identify potential weaknesses and make necessary improvements to ensure the safe delivery of their products.

Case Study

Company X, a leading manufacturer of fragile electronic equipment, was facing issues with product damage during transportation. Despite using appropriate packaging materials, they were experiencing a high rate of product returns due to damages. In an effort to improve their packaging design, they decided to conduct ISTA 1C testing on their products.

The ISTA 1C test involves subjecting packages to a series of controlled drops, rotational impacts, and vibrations. By analyzing the results of these tests, manufacturers can determine the effectiveness of their packaging design in protecting the product from damage. Company X sent a sample of their products to Purple Diamond to conduct ISTA 1C testing.

During the testing process, the packages were dropped from various heights, rotated at different angles, and exposed to vibrations similar to those experienced during transportation. Purple Diamond recorded the impact forces and vibrations experienced by the packages and evaluated the performance of the packaging in protecting the products.

The results of the ISTA 1C testing revealed several weaknesses in Company X’s packaging design. The packages were unable to withstand the impact forces and vibrations experienced during testing, leading to product damage. Based on these findings, Company X made modifications to their packaging design, including using sturdier materials, adding cushioning, and reconfiguring the internal layout to better protect the products during transportation.

After implementing these changes, Company X conducted ISTA 1C testing again to evaluate the effectiveness of their new packaging design. The results showed a significant improvement in the performance of the packaging, with the products successfully withstanding the drops, impacts, and vibrations during testing.

As a result of the ISTA 1C testing and subsequent packaging modifications, Company X saw a significant reduction in product returns due to damages during transportation. This not only saved them money on returns and replacements but also improved customer satisfaction and brand reputation.


ISTA 1C testing is an essential tool for manufacturers to evaluate the effectiveness of their packaging design in protecting products during transportation. By conducting these tests, companies can identify weaknesses in their packaging design and make necessary improvements to ensure the safe delivery of their products. In the case of Company X, ISTA 1C testing helped them identify and rectify packaging issues, leading to a reduction in product damage during transportation and improved customer satisfaction.

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