As your products are distributed through their specific logistic chain, they are subject to multiple hazards. To ensure your products make it to their destination unharmed, the engineers at Purple Diamond can perform distribution stimulation testing to see what your packaged product can and cannot handle during its journey. In our lab, we are able to recreate the hazards your products will face, and work with you to assure both product and packaging arrive safely to its destination.

At Purple Diamond, we can test your packages through a series of shocks, drops, vibrations and compression to see if it is ready for distribution. While replicating the various events your product will endure, we are able to see where your product is succeeding and where it could present possible failures. The integrity of your packaged product is not only our priority during distribution stimulation testing, it’s our job.

Purple Diamond can test to both ASTM and ISTA distribution procedures. We also work to provide a comprehensive solution to your specific distribution needs.

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Vibration Testing


Compression Testing


Drop Testing


Impact Testing


Package Integrity

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