Case Study for ISTA 1D Individual Packaged Products 150 lb or More


Case Study For ISTA 1D: Company X is a manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment, including large machinery and parts that weigh 150 lbs or more. In order to ensure the safe and secure transportation of their products to customers, Company X partnered with ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) to conduct testing and certification for their packaging solutions.

The packaging engineers at Purple Diamond were tasked with designing packaging that would protect Company X’s products during shipping and handling while also meeting ISTA 1D Individual Packaged Products 150 lb or More certification standards. This standard is specifically designed for individual packaged products weighing 150 lbs or more and requires rigorous testing to ensure the packaging can withstand the rigors of transportation.

The testing process began with a thorough review of the product dimensions, weight, and fragility in order to determine the appropriate packaging materials and design. The packaging engineers then developed a custom packaging solution using a combination of corrugated cardboard, foam inserts, and cushioning materials to protect the product during transit.

Once the packaging was ready, it underwent a series of tests as per ISTA 1D guidelines. This included drop testing, vibration testing, compression testing, and stacking testing to simulate the conditions of real-world shipping and handling. The packaging solution had to pass all of these tests in order to receive ISTA certification.

After several rounds of testing and modifications, Company X’s packaging solution successfully met the requirements of ISTA 1D Individual Packaged Products 150 lb or More certification. This certification not only ensures the safe transport of their products but also provides customers with the confidence that their heavy industrial equipment will arrive undamaged and in perfect condition.

Thanks to ISTA certification, Company X has been able to reduce shipping damages, minimize costs associated with product returns, and improve overall customer satisfaction. They continue to work with ISTA to test and certify their packaging solutions for new products, ensuring that their heavy industrial equipment arrives safely and securely to customers around the world. [Case Study For ISTA 1D]

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