Meet Chamber, Purple Diamond’s Holiday Spirit Guide


So far having Chamber here at the lab has been interesting...

Day 1… After he got back from his fall getaway, Chamber couldn’t help but do research about where his winter trip will be.

Pictured: Departures Magazine - a great resource for planning your much needed getaway after the holidays are over.

Day 2….. Chamber decided to do some work and greet visitors coming through the front door.

We are located at 183 Mikron Rd. Chamber doesn't mind visitors. Book a facility tour. 🙂

Day 3… Chamber is “testing” out the packaging testing equipment we have here on-site.

Pictured is the motorized test stand for general compression or tensile testing.
Pictured here is Chamber testing his own package integrity. 🤣

Doesn’t he look so mischievous? What do you all think, is he working hard or hardly working this past week? Feel free to leave a comment and say hello. OR book a Purple Diamond Packaging facility tour. Where will Chamber end up next week? We will have to wait and see…

To learn more about tensile testing:

To learn more about compression testing:

To book a facility tour:

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