PACK EXPO 2022 Chicago, Illinois


✨ Purple Diamond is heading to the PACK EXPO October 23rd-26th in Chicago. This expo is everything for those in the packaging industry. The best of the best will be there talking about how to:


1️⃣ Launch New Products

2️⃣ Expand E-commerce Operations

3️⃣ Reduce Waste and Downtime

4️⃣ Enhance Safety

5️⃣ Adapt to Labor Shortages

6️⃣ Streamline Supply Chain Logistics

7️⃣ Differentiate Your Brand

8️⃣ Increase Sustainability



Will we see you at the packaging expo? We are more than happy to connect while at the conference. Find us on LinkedIn here and join our newsletter for free industry updates.


If you aren’t going to the expo, still feel free to reach out and connect with us on any of the above topics. If you haven’t been to Purple Diamond headquarters in PA, we invite you to book a facility tour. If you have questions regarding the above topics, you should book a complimentary consultation here:



Best regards,

The Purple Diamond Team


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