International Safe Transit Association

ISTA is a member-based nonprofit that empowers organizations, and their people, to minimize product damage throughout distribution and optimize resource usage through effective package design. – 

ISTA Package Testing

Conditions during transit can be challenging and global transportation hazards are always evolving. The testing procedures set forth by ISTA are critical to controlling potential costs, damage, and resources during distribution. Package testing conducted according to these standards provides invaluable pre-shipment performance testing data. These insights in turn can be used to predict what will happen in large-scale operations and assess just how well contents will be protected during distribution.

What is ISTA Package Testing?

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is a members led organization committed to creating a world-class data repository to better model distribution locally, nationally, and internationally. Developing procedures and protocols, according to which packaged products are tested and validated, ISTA is revered as the certification standard for package testing for distribution. ISTA’s Testing Protocol remains a series of testing methodologies well recognized within the packaging community, including prominent e-commerce retailers such as and club stores like Sam’s Club.

How To Test Your Packaged Product By ISTA Testing Protocol

ISTA 1 SERIES: Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests – This testing protocol challenges product and package hazard durability.

ISTA 2 SERIES: Partial Simulation Performance Tests – This testing protocol combines basic test elements of ISTA 1 (Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests) and ISTA 3 (General Simulation Performance Tests).

ISTA 3 SERIES: General Simulation Performance Tests – This testing protocol accounts for a broad range of vehicle and transportation variations.

ISTA 4 SERIES: Enhanced Simulation Performance Tests – This testing protocol covers twelve different package types.

ISTA 6 SERIES: Member Performance Tests – This testing protocol, performed by members to meet specific purpose and application, works in compliance with other published and accepted test methods.

ISTA 7 SERIES: Development Tests – This testing protocol is used in the development of transport packages.

Why Purple Diamond?

At Purple Diamond, our goal is to provide the guidance needed to ensure the appropriate ISTA test protocol selection is made when assessing your packaged products potential distribution hazards. The engineers at Purple Diamond understand your testing needs may be mandated or driven by regulatory application, where testing requirements can seem overwhelming or unclear. Whatever your testing rationale, we’re here to guide you in making the best test plan for your packaged products specific distribution environment.

Purple Diamond works in compliance with ISTA standards to test your packaged products. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality results as we develop a comprehensive solution to your specific package testing needs.

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