Pallet Testing


Evaluating Pallet Components


Unit Loads

Pallet Testing assures that your pallets can hold and support full unit loads of products throughout transit. Purple Diamond’s dedicated Pallet Testing Lab is able to analyze pallet durability through testing in compliance with ASTM D1185 – 98a and ISO 8611-1. Testing pallets, is vital for the base level structure and protection for the products that it will hold during both transportation and storage.


Vibration- Vibration can affect the stability, quality, and performance of unit loads and pallets.  We use state-of-the-art vibration tables to test pallet durability during physical distribution.

Drop- We perform free-fall drop tests from varying heights in accordance with section ASTM 9.1.Drop tests simulate the shocks that may be encountered during physical or mechanical handling.

Incline- Our lab features an Incline Impact Tester that can test the weight and impact of a full unit load on a pallet. Incline testing, similar to drop testing, simulate the movements of transit and the shocks that are possible.


Compression- At Purple Diamond we conduct static compression tests, which distributes weight which is fully supported by the food underneath. These compressions will show the maximum unit load weight that your pallet can withstand.

Bending-  Bending also helps to see the long-term durability of your pallet. By performing dynamic tests where the pallet is only partially supported, we mirror the elevated movement of transit with a forklift.

Fasteners- Keeping pallets together is vital for the safe arrival of products and unit loads. Testing nails and staples through withdrawal and lateral resistance, comparisons can be made between which work best for each pallet design. Fasteners in wood are tested to ASTM D1761-12 guidelines.


Packaged goods- By placing packaged goods on a pallet and doing the above-mentioned tests, pallets are monitored for their strength and durability. Purple Diamond can test full unit loads to ASTM D1185 and ISO 8611 standards.

Strapping/Banding- Some unit loads require strapping or banding to keep products intact throughout transit. We test the strength of these straps and bands through compression and vibration.

Stretch Film – Wrapping unit loads in stretch film is the most versatile and common material for full load utilization. Stretch film can adapt to the imperfect loads that may not be perfectly square.