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Package Testing evaluates the package design performance of a packaged product prior to shipment. Purple Diamond Testing includes packaging materials, packaging components, primary packaging, shipping containers, unit loads, and other key packaging characteristics. 
Working beyond the graphics, Purple Diamond Testing’s team of packaging engineers will analyze the complete life cycle of your product to uncover cost savings opportunities and improve packaging function. With years of dedicated experience in the product and packaging industry, our team of packaging design and engineering specialists take a holistic approach to create seamless transitions, carrying your product from prototype to market.
Purple Diamond Testing’s team of packaging engineering specialists are a dedicated resource in solving for your specific package engineering needs, offering expert consulting and project support. Our diverse packaging engineering capabilities include areas of focus in the Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Consumer Products, and Food & Beverage industries.
Purple Diamond can evaluate the product and packaging systems to design, test, and validate the integrity of your container closure system. Purple Diamond is an all-inclusive testing environment, equipped to facilitate Container Closure Integrity testing across multiple industries.
At Purple Diamond, our extensive list of testing services for pharmaceuticals ensures the quality, efficacy, and safety in the development of drugs, medicines, and controlled substances are maintained to meet the highest standards. Our team of experienced engineers understand the regulatory complexities of the industry and can support your industry specific testing needs.

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