Purple Diamond is a full-service package testing facility serving a variety of high-touch industries. Our facility hosts several dedicated laboratories, including an Environmental Conditioning Lab with ICH Stability Storage. We evaluate according to a diverse range of industry standards and procedures, such as ASTM, ISO, ISTA, TAPPI, and UN/DOT. Purple Diamond’s Quality Management System is managed following the requirements of ISO 17025:2017 through ANAB.

Packaging testing is the process of evaluating and verifying the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of packaging materials and methods to ensure that they meet the intended requirements and comply with industry standards.

There are several types of packaging tests that may be conducted including:

1) Physical Testing – This involves testing the physical properties of the packaging material such as strength, durability, and impact resistance.

2) Environmental Testing – This involves exposing the packaging material to various environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light to ensure that it can withstand these conditions.

3) Chemical Testing – This involves testing the packaging material’s resistance to various chemicals, acids, and alkalis that it may come in contact with during its lifecycle.

4) Performance Testing – This involves testing the packaging material’s performance under simulated real-world conditions to ensure that it meets its intended purpose.

5) Compatibility Testing – This involves testing the compatibility of the packaging material with the product being packed to ensure that it does not react with or contaminate the product.

Moreover, packaging testing is vital in ensuring that products stay protected and undamaged throughout the supply chain, maintaining the product’s quality and integrity.

Testing is not only a good idea but also many industries have regulations in place that make testing mandatory.  Purple Diamond offers its expertise from trained packaging engineers to help bring your product to market.  Our engineers have industry experience with packaging and distribution systems, products and materials. We also test medical device packaging in accordance with ISO 11607 and are UN/DOT certified. Purple Diamond also offers extensive conditioning and distribution simulations of packaging components and a variety of materials testing.

We test to ISTA, ASTM, TAPPI, NMFC, ISO, and MIL specifications for a comprehensive service.

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