Pallet Testing

Comparing and testing different pallet designs produces peak performance indicators that can be used to evaluate a pallet design’s strength, durability, and overall functionality. This kind of testing and evaluation affords us an acute understanding of the performance of the product and the impact of any design changes made to the product, such as new material or even new production locations. During this process, both the performance of individual elements or the packaging system as a whole, may be evaluated and validated.

What is Pallet Testing?

Pallet Testing assures that your pallets can hold and support full unit loads of products throughout transit. Testing pallets is vital for confirming that the base level structure employed will be able to offer adequate protection for the products that it will hold during both transportation and storage. Utilizing revered testing standards in a controlled environment, pallet testing allows a direct comparison of products, including an assessment of structural materials and design configurations used. The pallet testing process itself’s main goal is to analyze and determine whether the package design currently desired will reliably work in order to make sure that your packaged goods are getting from point A to point B via pallets. Purple Diamond will evaluate strength, in the pallet and the packaged product. The main question looking to be answered is whether or not the load will hold up without breaking at some point during the package journey?

How We Test for Pallet Durability | Pallet Testing

Sample data gathered from testing is critical to effectively evaluate pallet durability and assess the pallet’s ability to withstand associated hazards during distribution, handling, or storage. Purple Diamond’s dedicated Pallet Testing Lab is able to analyze pallet durability through testing in compliance with ASTM D1185-98a and ISO 8611-1.

Pallet Test

Evaluating Pallet Components

Unit Loads

Why Purple Diamond for Pallet Testing?

At Purple Diamond, our team of engineers are able to analyze pallet durability in our dedicated Pallet Testing Lab. Testing performance of the base level structure and analyzing pallet durability is critical to ensuring vital protection for the products that it will hold during both transportation and storage. We’re here to help ensure that your pallets can hold and support full unit loads of products throughout transit.

Purple Diamond conducts testing according to the standards and protocols set forth by organizations such as ASTM and ISO. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality results as we develop a comprehensive solution to your specific pallet testing needs. As always, Purple Diamond offers you the ability to either schedule an initial consultation, complimentary, OR you can book a facility tour and come on in and visit. Definitely feel free to stop in to the lab if you are close to the Lehigh Valley. The packaging and whole Purple Diamond team is here to assist you anyway that we can. The initial consultation can be either a phone call or a zoom call, whatever is more convenient for you. Reach out via the Contact Us page by either filling out the contact us form OR booking some time on the calendar below the contact form. Either way we will get back to you! Thank you so much for reading down this far and thank you for considering Purple Diamond as your dedicated testing, engineering, and design facility for all of your packaging needs. 

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