Food and Beverage Industry

At Purple Diamond, our food and beverage industry specific package testing capabilities focus on protection, containment, and storage to ensure products not only arrive unscathed to their destination, but can ultimately be handed off safely into the hands of the consumer with confidence. Our testing protocols are designed to ensure package integrity and product quality. Food and beverage package testing is the process of evaluating the packaging of food and beverages for its safety, quality and performance. The purpose of package testing is to ensure that the product inside the packaging remains intact and safe during transit, storage, and usage by consumers.

Package testing involves various techniques and tests, such as:

1. Physical testing: This includes testing packaging materials for their strength, durability, and resistance to puncture, tear, and compression.

2. Barrier testing: This includes testing the packaging for its ability to prevent oxygen, moisture, and other gases from entering or escaping the package, which can affect the quality and safety of the food or beverage inside.

3. Migration testing: This involves testing the packaging material for any chemicals that may migrate to the food or beverage, which can affect the product’s safety and taste.

4. Transportation testing: This involves simulating the transportation conditions and testing the packaging for its ability to withstand shocks, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations.

5. Shelf life testing: This involves testing the packaging and product for their ability to maintain quality and safety over time, including testing for spoilage, mold, and other forms of deterioration.

Overall, food and beverage package testing is critical to ensuring that products are safe, of high quality, and meet regulatory requirements. There is not much we have not tested as far as the food industry goes. If you have a new product, or need the design of your current product’s package upgraded, please reach out to let us know so we can help. Reduce the amount of risks and costs in damages by having your packages tested before sending them out to the market for purchase. If not tested properly, once on the shelves, or even before then, for example a soda can will have dents in it. It becomes an even worse issue when multiple cans in a twelve can package have dents in them. This would be a major cause of concern for the consumer, not just because of the integrity of the can, but also because of the potential loss of the carbonation and taste consumers crave. Consider booking a complimentary consultation with a Food and Beverage Industry packaging engineer in order to best solve your current and pending issues surrounding your food and beverage packaging. No company is too big for us to package test, all you have to do is fill out the contact form on the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible to start the process. 

Food and Beverage Materials Testing

At Purple Diamond, our expert engineers perform rigorous materials testing to better understand and improve on the properties that protect your packaged product. In our dedicated Materials Laboratory, Purple Diamond can test the strength and fragility of products, including plastics or films, corrugated materials, labels or adhesives, and paper materials. We evaluate packaging materials to thoroughly evaluate what materials you are using, where they come from, and what they can withstand to support your product.

Food and Beverage Package Testing

At Purple Diamond, package testing can be tailored to your specific testing needs. By testing for your packaged product’s specific packaging needs, we can simulate the conditions that your packaged goods will be exposed to during distribution. We’re able to test packaged products as a single unit or as part of a full pallet load. Our engineers work with you throughout the entire testing process to address any concerns, consult alongside you to offer recommendations, and ultimately help you create the best packaging for your product.

Food and Beverage Product Testing

Purple Diamond is an all-inclusive testing environment, equipped to facilitate product testing across multiple industries including Biotechnology, Consumer Packaged Goods, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, and more. In addition to product reliability and fragility testing, Purple Diamond offers extensive materials testing and package integrity testing solutions. Our team of expert engineers are able to test and validate both the packaging and shipping environment specific to your product.

Why Purple Diamond for Food and Beverage Testing?

At Purple Diamond, we offer a free consultation or a guided tour of our facilities. Consultations can be done over the phone or on zoom, so choose what suits you best. To get in touch, go to our Contact Us page and fill out the form or book an appointment using the calendar below. Our goal is to assist you in any way possible, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you so much for reading down this far and thank you for considering Purple Diamond as your dedicated testing, engineering, and design facility for all of your packaging needs.

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