ASTM D6344 Concentrated Impacts Transport Packaging

Testing Standard:

ASTM D6344 Test Method for Concentrated Impacts to Transport Packages

Standard Number
ASTM D6344

Standard Title
Test Method for Concentrated Impacts to Transport Packages

Overview for ASTM D6344:

ASTM D6344 is a test method for testing loaded transport packages for resistance against concentrated low-level impacts typical in a distribution environment. This test method is a general guideline to conduct the testing accurately with repeatable procedures. Purple Diamond Testing offers this testing as part of our packaging integrity testing services. The test involves dropping a weight onto the package in a controlled manner and measuring the resulting damage or deformation. The test is designed to simulate the stresses that a package may experience during shipping and to ensure that the package can maintain its integrity and protect its contents under normal conditions. This test method is commonly used in the packaging industry to evaluate the performance of shipping containers, pallets, and other packaging materials.

Rationale for ASTM D6344:

Test Method for Concentrated Impacts to Transport Packages. Its intended use is to evaluate the performance of packaging from concentrated impacts from outside sources met in various modes of transportation. This test method is commonly used in ASTM D4169 and ASTM D7386 to create specific hazards in a laboratory environment that are 100% repeatable.

This test method’s intended use is to evaluate the ability of product packaging to resist the force of impacts from external forces. Some of these external source impacts met are from different forms of transportation and handling, depending on the conditions, locations, etc. The impacts may be inflicted by freight next to or against the package in its method of transportation. Some cases may be accidental bumps against each other packages when moving or not moving or being loaded or unloaded. Packages can travel via conveyors, chutes, planes, trains, cars, and more. At Purple Diamond, we will find out what your packages’ transit route is and decide what type of external factors should be added into the test when evaluating your sample. 

The transit route is especially important to find out because the packaging contents need to be protected throughout the entire journey. You do not want to lose or damage products along the way, due to the fault of not evaluating the packaging beforehand.

“The test method covers the procedures and equipment for testing complete filled transport packages for resistance against concentrated low-level impacts typical of those encountered in the distribution environment. The test is most proper for packages such as thin fluted/lighter grade corrugated boxes of stretch-wrapped packaging. The test result is a pass/fail determination, based on acceptance criteria previously established, and a record of the energy dissipated by the complete filled transport package during a low-level concentrated impact.” –

Key Points:

In conclusion, The ASTM D6344 test method is used to evaluate the performance of transport packaging when subjected to concentrated impacts, such as dropping or hitting the package at a specific point. This test method is applicable for a wide range of packaging materials, such as corrugated fiberboard, plastic containers, and metal cans. The test provides a repeatable and standardized procedure to evaluate whether the packaging can protect the product inside from damage or breakage due to concentrated impacts during transportation. This is important as transport packaging is subjected to various types of impacts during distribution, and its ability to withstand such impacts can affect the product’s quality, safety, and appearance. By using the ASTM D6344 test method, manufacturers and suppliers of transport packaging can ensure that their products comply with industry standards, and that their customers receive high-quality packaging that provides adequate protection to the products. Additionally, using this test method can reduce potential liabilities and costs associated with damaged products during transportation. Purple Diamond is an accredited lab. Please reach out with any questions. 

Related Standards:

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A select few companies are authorized by PHMSA as an approved third-party packaging testing laboratory in accordance with Hazardous Materials Regulations, critical to ensuring safe transport of dangerous goods.


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