UN Certification for Packaging

Purple Diamond is among a select few companies authorized by PHMSA as an approved third-party package-testing laboratory in accordance with Hazardous Materials Regulations.

Hazardous materials packaging must successfully complete testing before it can be used for product transportation. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in serious injury to those handling the package and fines to the shipper of the product. Purple Diamond can perform all the testing required for your product to ensure that it’s capable of exceeding all typical road hazards experienced during transportation.


UN Packaging Codes

UN Markings Guide
The United Nations Coding/Marking System
Type of Package 1 = Drums/Pails 2 = Barrels 3 = Jerricans 4 = Boxes 5 = Bags 6 = Composite Packagings
Material of Construction: A = Steel B = Aluminum C = Wood D = Fibre F = Reconstituted wood G = Fiberboard H = Plastic
Category Type: 1 = Closed Head 2 = Open Head
Packaging Group for which container was tested: X = Packaging Group I, II, III Y = Packaging Group II and III Z = Packaging Group IIIPackaging Group I: Great Danger – high hazard level Packaging Group II: Medium Danger – medium hazard level Packaging Group III: Minor Danger – low hazard level
Maximum Gross mass or Specific Gravity Packaging intended for Solids: (powders, pills, capsules, tablets) or that have inner packaging, this marking will indicate the maximum gross mass (weight) in kilograms.   Packaging intended for Liquids: Density or specific gravity of material packed
Solids or inner Packaging Hydraulic pressure in kilo-pascal (kPa) OR For packaging intended for Solids or that have inner packaging, an “S” in upper case will follow the gross mass.
Year of Manufacture Current Year
Location of manufacture Country where container was manufactured
Manufacturer code Code for UN certifying agency or manufacturer