Are your packages making it through the distribution process unscathed?


Are your packages making it through the distribution process unscathed?

With the increasing complexity of supply chains and the various modes of transportation involved, it’s crucial for packaging to be able to withstand the hazards it will face during transit. ASTM D4169 is a standardized test method for evaluating the performance of shipping containers and systems to ensure they are up to the task. Purple Diamond engineers are well versed in the workings of this standardized test method.
Packaging engineers, quality control managers, and anyone involved in the design and testing of packaging systems for shipping and distribution should at least be familiar with the testing standard ASTM D4169 and what it’s implementation can do. If you aren’t, not to worry, a consultation with us can clear up any questions you may have regarding the topic! It’s of the utmost importance for you and your packaged product line. Packaging that is not properly designed and tested for the distribution environment can result in damaged products, increased costs, and unhappy customers. Without a standardized testing method, it can be difficult to accurately assess the performance of packaging systems and make improvements as needed. That’s where the team at Purple Diamond comes in for you! Our lab, and engineers, are fully equipped to assist you in making sure your products arrive in tact to their destination.
ASTM D4169 is a comprehensive set of procedures for testing the performance of shipping containers and systems under a variety of conditions, including vibration, shock, compression, and atmospheric conditions. By following these standardized test methods, the packaging engineers at Purple Diamond can ensure that your packaging systems are able to withstand the rigors of the distribution environment.

The different modes simulated in the laboratory, simulate the various distribution cycles. These distribution cycles (DC) simulate the various modes of transit. Examples of these modes are:

DC1 – A general distribution cycle

DC2 – A specially defined distribution cycle

DC3 – A single package without a pallet or skid

DC4 – A single package with a pallet or skid

DC5 – A motor freight, not unitized

DC6 – A motor freight, LTL-unitized

DC7 – A rail only, bulk load

DC8 – A rail only, unitized load

DC9 – A rail and motor freight, not unitized

DC10 – A rail and motor freight, unitized loads

DC11 – A rail, with trailer or container on flatcar

DC12 – An air distribution with motor freight for over 150 lbs.

DC13 – An air distribution with motor freight for under 150 lbs.

DC14 – A warehousing distribution cycle

DC15 – An export/import shipment of a container

DC16 – An export/import shipment for a palletized cargo ship

DC17 – An export/import shipment for break bulk cargo ship

DC18 – A non-commercial government shipment distribution cycle


If you are experiencing issues with damaged products during shipping or are looking to improve the performance of your packaging systems, consider giving Purple Diamond a call. We can ensure that your packaging is up to the task of protecting your products during transportation, resulting in fewer damaged products, lower costs, and increased customer satisfaction. Don’t let inadequate packaging compromise your product integrity – let us implement ASTM D4169 testing today.
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