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The ECommerce Packaging Industry has grown more and more necessary over the years! Do you have an ecommerce store?

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Ecommerce Packaging within the ECommerce Packaging Industry refers to the materials used to pack and ship products ordered online. It includes the boxes, envelopes, cushioning materials, labels, and other packaging items used to ensure products arrive at their destination undamaged and ready for use. In addition to providing protection, ecommerce packaging is also used to brand the products and provides an opportunity to advertise or promote the selling company.

ECommerce Packaging Industry

What is E-Commerce Packaging Testing According to the ECommerce Packaging Industry?

Ecommerce packaging testing is the process of evaluating the effectiveness and suitability of packaging materials and designs for products sold online. This includes testing for durability, protective properties, and ease of use for both the customer and the business. Testing may involve simulations of shipping and handling processes, environmental conditions, and customer experiences. The aim is to ensure that the packaging effectively protects the product during transit and arrives in good condition, while also providing a positive experience for the customer. E-Commerce package testing has evolved and risen significantly, presenting online retailers with new challenges as their packaged products are transported to their end destination. Package testing and validation protocols are critical to finding weaknesses, addressing supply chain issues, and reducing damages incurred through transit. Whether products are sold directly to the consumer or through a third-party platform or vendor, finding and simulating the shipping environment hazards products face in route to the customer can ensure that the proper packaging is in place to withstand the demands faced in distribution. 

ECommerce Packaging Industry

What is E-Commerce Packaging Design?

E-commerce packaging testing is the process of testing the packaging of products sold online to ensure that they are safe, secure, and protected during shipping and handling. This testing involves assessing the packaging’s durability, strength, resistance to punctures, moisture, and compression. Testing may also include evaluations of the package’s ability to withstand various conditions during shipping, such as temperature fluctuations and vibration. By conducting e-commerce packaging testing, businesses can help prevent product damages, reduce returns, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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What is E-Commerce Packaging Engineering?

E-commerce packaging engineering refers to the design and development of the packaging used for products sold online. It involves creating packaging solutions that are optimized for the specific needs of e-commerce, such as durability, protection, and ease of shipping. E-commerce packaging engineers also consider sustainability factors when designing packaging solutions, such as reducing waste, using eco-friendly materials, and optimizing packaging size to reduce shipping emissions. Additionally, e-commerce packaging engineering may involve developing innovative packaging solutions that improve the customer experience, such as easy-to-open packaging or creative presentation boxes.

How To Test Your Packaged Product By E-Commerce Testing Protocol

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is a member led organization committed to creating a world-class data repository to better model distribution locally, nationally, and internationally. Developing procedures and protocols, according to which packaged products are evaluated and confirmed, ISTA is revered as the certification standard for package testing for distribution. ISTA’s Testing Protocol is still a series of testing methodologies well recognized within the packaging community, including prominent e-commerce retailer

Select Procedures Focused on the ECommerce Packaging Industry

Amazon E-Commerce Package Testing

  • Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) is the first tier of Amazon’s packaging certification and provides packaging that is designed with our customers and environmental footprint in mind. FFP certified packaging is capable of shipping in its own container in minimized and fully recyclable, easy-to-open packaging.
  • Ships in Own Container (SIOC) is the second tier of Amazon’s packaging certification and minimizes waste by ensuring the packaging is designed to ship without the need for an Amazon Over Box. Some products require additional protection using non-recyclable packaging materials, such as foams to ensure minimal damage during shipment.
  • Prep-Free Packaging (PFP) is the third tier of Amazon’s packaging certification and is designed for items not capable of shipping in their own container (i.e. liquid product that is not six sided), which require an Amazon Over Box. A certified PFP package is designed to ship effectively without the need for Amazon to apply additional prep to prevent damage of leakage.

In a nutshell, E-commerce packaging testing is a beneficial part of the ECommerce Packaging Industry for many reasons such as:

1. It helps ensure the product remains safe and secure during transportation and delivery to the customers.

2. Testing the packaging can identify any weaknesses in the packaging design and material, which can help to improve the packaging and reduce damage or loss of the product.

3. It can also help to reduce return rates by ensuring the packaging meets the customers’ expectations and protects the product from damage.

4. E-commerce packaging testing can also help to reduce shipping costs by optimizing the size and weight of the packaging while keeping the product safe.

5. By properly testing the packaging, it will help to maintain the brand image and avoid negative customer feedback and online reviews due to damaged products.

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