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What is Dangerous Goods Package Testing

Purple Diamond dives into the details of the kinds of “hazardous goods” that need package testing and more below. Common questions surrounding this topic include:

Why is it important?

What are the specific tests applied?

How can I stay compliant with regulations while reducing liability?


Packaging safety requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) govern the transportation of hazardous goods by ground and air. Shipments holding hazardous goods must be packaged in performance packaging consisting of inner and outer packaging designed, evaluated, and certified for the containment of hazardous materials. These packaging systems can then be named by United Nations (UN) markings specifying the certification for containment of specific hazardous material classes and packing groups.

UN Packaging Codes / Hazardous Goods Package Testing

The storage and transportation of hazardous materials (HAZMAT) is overseen and regulated by federal and international law. A comprehensive marking system called the UN marking guide was developed so that HAZMAT packaging can describe what type and how much of a material may be transported within a package. A UN code is a universal system of demarcation developed by the United Nations and used internationally for the classification, packaging, marking, and labeling of dangerous goods to better transport them safely. Rigorous testing is required before a UN certification mark can be given.

Part 178 Specifications for Packagings

This section of the code of federal regulations for the transportation of hazardous materials details the manufacturing and testing specifications for packaging and containers used to transport hazardous goods.

Subpart M Testing of Non-Bulk Packagings and Packages

The testing is done to ensure that the package can withstand the stressors and hazards it may encounter during transportation and storage.

There are several types of tests that can be performed on hazardous goods packages, including:

1. Drop test – This test evaluates the impact resistance of the package by dropping it from a specific height and angle.

2. Compression test – This test evaluates the resistance of the package to external forces that may cause it to collapse or deform.

3. Vibration test – This test evaluates the effect of vibrations on the package during transportation.

4. Leakage test – This test evaluates the ability of the package to contain any hazardous material in case of a leak.

5. Temperature and humidity test – This test evaluates the resistance of the package to extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

At the end of the testing process, packages that have passed the tests are deemed suitable for transporting and storing hazardous materials.

Why Purple Diamond for Hazardous Goods Package Testing?

Purple Diamond is proud to rank among a select few companies authorized by PHMSA as an approved third-party hazardous goods package testing laboratory following Hazardous Materials Regulations. We offer rigorous testing for transporting hazardous goods across a wide range of industries. Our dedicated efforts include everything from helping pharmaceutical customers assess their healthcare products within our fully certified lab to improving consumer packaged products with reliability and fragility testing.

At Purple Diamond, the integrity of your packaged product is our number one priority during hazardous goods package testing. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality results as we develop a comprehensive solution to your specific testing needs.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration is an operating administration within the U.S. Department of Transportation that develops and enforces regulations for the safe, dependable, and environmentally sound operation of the nation’s 2.6-million-mile pipeline transportation system and nearly 1 million daily shipments of hazardous materials by land, sea, and air. 

At Purple Diamond, we offer a free consultation or a guided tour of our facilities. Consultations can be done over the phone or on zoom, so choose what suits you best. To get in touch, go to our Contact Us page and fill out the form or book an appointment using the calendar below. Our goal is to assist you in any way possible, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you so much for reading down this far and thank you for considering Purple Diamond as your dedicated testing, engineering, and design facility for all of your packaging needs.

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