Transparency in Recycled Plastic Anything But Clear


The increased consumer demand for sustainability, reduced offshore supplies, and high global waste leakage – estimated at 50-65%, have driven up the cost of 100% recycled flakes to two times that of virgin plastic.
Fortune 500 CPG brands have made significant commitments to boost the volume of recycled plastic they use, but without independent product verification, they cannot be sure that that they are indeed meeting their sustainability goals.

How do brand owners, eager for recycled content, be sure that “what they see is what they get” and that they fulfill their sustainability commitments? They partner with a third party with the expertise to validate and communicate the pre/ post-consumer recycled content per global standards.

Independent product verification provides brands with a major advantage in crowded marketplaces, speaking to organizational efficiency and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our team has decades of experience with plastic characterization, composition, and mechanical/physical attribute testing. All are key to the design, integrity, and sustainability of your packaging for food, medical devices, biopharma, cosmetics, and more. Partnering with Purple Diamond – The Innovation Center for your plastic certification offers you:

Partnering with Purple Diamond – The Innovation Center for your plastic certification offers you:

  • Material Validation
  • Content Traceability
  • Product Differentiation
  • Ability to Showcase Commitment to Sustainability

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