Addressing Ever Changing E-commerce Packaging Challenges

Consumers are significantly changing their buying patterns, creating wholesale shifts in how they interact with your product. Brands need to reconsider their product packaging to ensure that it addresses issues that come with an increased focus on e-commerce while ensuring that they create the best experience for their customers. Just a few e-commerce packaging challenges are: • Safe product delivery – There are, on average, only four steps in the brick-and-mortar chain, while 10-11 for e-commerce. All of the additional handling increases the chance of product damage. • Cost-effective shipping – Shipping smaller volumes, more frequently, across multiple carriers significantly increases costs. It is critical to develop a package that addresses product integrity while minimizing weight. • Sustainability – Companies struggle to find a balance between shipping more packages to a larger number of customers while also reducing content and/or using recyclable packaging. • Offer Innovative design/excellent customer experience – Brands must create “shelf presence” in-homes with innovative graphics and branding; while also ensure that the unboxing experience is as simple as possible • Unique supply chain logistics – there are varying requirements between e-commerce outlets, distributors, and shippers. Creating a “universal” package can be difficult. This list is certainly not all-inclusive and can undoubtedly be overwhelming. What to do if your team does not have the expertise or resources to address thee challenges on your own? Partner with a team that has done it all before to lessen your load. Advantages of working with a packaging partner include: • Shorten the Learning Curve The right partner has expertise in your niche. They know what works and how to avoid potential pitfalls. By leveraging decades of experience across industries, a collaboration with a packaging partner will save you time. • Access to Experienced Packaging Experts Partnering with an experienced packaging team provides you with priority access to professionals who will bring years of expertise to guide you in the search for the best options and help you avoid potential pitfalls. • Reduced Costs Reduced development time and eliminating redesigns will save your organization valuable resources. Additionally, the focused nature of the services a partner provides can reduce the opportunity costs of project delays and staff with conflicting priorities. Have a packaging project that seems just too daunting? Let the experienced staff at Purple Diamond provide you with options and peace of mind.

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