ASTM D7386 – Small Parcel Package Testing


    Testing Methods such as the ASTM D7386 – Small Parcel Package Testing are used to performance test single parcel delivery systems. Using this method, there are various specific tests and/or properties measured. A few of those specific tests include, but are not limited to: environmental conditioning, bridge impact, rough handling of unitized loads, altitude testing, concentrated impact testing, and more. 

    Specific equipment is used in order to uphold to the ASTM D7386 – Small Parcel Package Testing. Here at Purple Diamond, our 1,500 sq. ft. plus laboratory holds over ten pieces of key equipment or technology as it relates to the ASTM D7386 – Small Parcel Package Testing. A few of the specific and key pieces of equipment include: the temperature and humidity chamber, the hazard unit free drop fall tester, the fork truck, the vacuum chamber, the dart, and more. 

    We are equipped to handle all of your small parcel/single package testing needs here at the lab. Our technicians are happy to provide a no-obligation consultation in order to work out any questions before getting started. The next step would be to send a sample or two on over to our location!

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