The Benefits of Outsourcing Your ICH Stability Studies


Purple Diamond provides stability storage services for pharma, medical device, and food and beverage companies. The Benefits of Outsourcing Your ICH Stability Studies include but are not limited to the features you see below.

Biological Storage Services Include:

➡️Clinical Trials
➡️ ICH Stability Storage
➡️ Medical Device
➡️ Package Integrity Testing
➡️ Pallet Testing
➡️ Shipping Lane Studies
➡️ Vaccine Storage

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your ICH Stability Studies

Why Outsource Your ICH Stability Studies to Purple Diamond? The Benefits of Outsourcing Your ICH Stability Studies...

Aside from saving money by outsourcing your stability studies,  the process itself is mandatory. The International Council for Harmonisation (CH) says all pharmaceutical and drug products must be tested for stability and quality before they’re widely distributed. This will allow for the optimization of costs as well as increased efficiency in the transportation process of these highly sensitive products and materials. Check out more of The Benefits of Outsourcing Your ICH Stability Studies…

1. 24/7 Monitoring Provided

The lab has a specific location in the warehouse that allows for complete autonomy in monitoring process. Our on-site experts are well-equipped to address any issues with equipment or the study itself.

2. Autonomous Data Measuring

One of the added bonuses of utilizing a company like Purple Diamond for your stability studies is that the data captured within the chambers is mostly autonomous. The temperatures, conditions, and data points all act on their own specifications and are analyzed regularly. Computer notations are double checked by our expert personnel.

3. Backup Power Options

You will not have to worry about losing any product, or any data collected for that matter. Purple Diamond is equipped with backup power and generator options. 

Let's Weigh the Costs of The Benefits of Outsourcing Your ICH Stability Studies

If you want to operate on-site stability storage for your own use, you will be paying a ton of money towards things you should be prepared for, including but not limited to, personnel and backup power.  Here are a few more costs to be aware of:

  • Calibration and Regular Maintenance of the Chambers and their Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • Extra Space in Case of an Emergency 
  • An Increase in Utilities – Water/Electricity

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