Test services apply  to a wide range of industries, including: packaging, consumer goods, industrial, chemicals, materials manufacturers, and more

Our packaging testing laboratories provide, physical testing, performance testing research and development support, as well as quality testing to comply with vendor standards, regulatory requirements for all types of packaging materials.

Testing is not only a good idea but many industries have regulations in place that make testing mandatory. Purple Diamond offers its expertise from trained  engineers to help bring your product to market. Our engineers have industry experience with packaging and distribution systems, products and materials, plastics and polymers. We also test medical device packaging in accordance with ISO 11607 and are a  UN/DOT certified facility.

Purple Diamond also offers extensive conditioning and distribution simulations of packaging components and a variety of materials testing.


Our engineers are also able to assist in the development of custom test plans and protocols, and can offer expertise for custom packaging studies, and the engineering validation, and design verification tests.