Expanding its testing capabilities even further, Purple Diamond – The Innovation Center joins an elite group of global ISO 17025 accredited facilities.

“At Purple Diamond, we always strive to keep pace with industry needs.  As our customers faced increased challenges regarding packaging, testing, and validation, we saw the need for an accredited laboratory to meet ALL their testing needs, “says Bill Colaiaco, Founder and CEO.

“I want to thank our employees for their hard work during this accreditation process and every day, and thank our valued customers and business partners who trust us to support their projects. This accreditation allows us to continue to be a best-in-class resource for the companies we serve. We are excited about the opportunities it offers to develop new services and capabilities for our marketplace,” added Colaiaco.

Achieving ISO 17025 accreditation is the pinnacle in third-party laboratory/testing accreditation. It confirms that the facility has management, quality, and technical systems in place to ensure accurate and reliable analyses, as well as proper administrative processes to ensure that all aspects related to the sample, the analysis, and the reporting are standardized, measured, and monitored.

Accredited facilities need to conform to the technical requirements of ISO 17025. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Suitable testing facilities
  • Specific staff qualifications, training and, experience
  • Equipment fit for the purpose of testing – properly calibrated and maintained
  • Traceability of measurements to national standards
  • Adequate quality assurance (QA) procedures
  • Ongoing internal auditing by independent QA personnel
  • Appropriate and validated test methods
  • Accurate recording and reporting procedures
  • Inspections by accredited bodies every 2 years
  • Participation in Proficiency Testing

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