ISTA Tests Quick Reference

1 Series: Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests

Challenge the strength and robustness of the product and package combination. Not designed to simulate environmental occurrences. Useful as screening tests, particularly when used as a consistent benchmark over time.

2 Series: Partial-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests

Tests with at least one element of 3 Series type General Simulation performance tests, such as atmosphere conditioning or mode-shaped random vibration, in addition to basic elements of a 1 series type Non-Simulation Integrity test.

3 Series: General-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests

Designed to provide a laboratory simulation of the general damage-producing motions, forces, conditions, and sequences of transport environments. 

4 Series: Enhanced-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests

General Simulation test with at least one element of Focused Simulation, such as test sequence or conditions linked to actual known distribution.

5 Series: Focused Simulation Guides

Guides for the creation of laboratory simulations based on actual field measured and observed hazards and levels. They are not performance tests per se, but information and instructions are related to establishment of user-defined Focused Simulation Tests.

6 Series: Member Performance Tests

Test protocols created by ISTA member or by ISTA in cooperation with a member company to meet their particular purposes and applications.

7 Series: Development Tests

These tests are used in the development of transport packages. 

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