Case Study for Cosmetics


The cosmetics industry is a highly competitive industry. One of the key factors that determine the success of a cosmetics product is its packaging. Packaging plays a significant role in the purchase decision of consumers. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that the packaging of cosmetics products is of high quality and safe for use. This case study focuses on the packaging testing of a popular cosmetic brand.


The client is a leading cosmetics brand that sells a range of beauty and personal care products in various countries worldwide. The brand is known for its high-quality products and innovative packaging design.


The client had launched a new range of liquid lipsticks in the market. However, customers were complaining about the quality of the packaging. The customers claimed that the packaging was leaking, and the product was spilling out. This led to a decrease in sales and a negative impact on the brand’s reputation.


To identify the cause of the problem, the client collaborated with Purple Diamond. Our lab conducted tests on the packaging of the liquid lipsticks to identify any faults or defects. The tests included:

1. Drop Test: The packaging was subjected to a drop test to simulate the condition in which it might fall from a shelf or during transit.

2. Leakage Test: The packaging was filled with water and kept in an inverted position to check for any leaks.

3. Transportation Test: The packaging was exposed to various conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, and vibrations to simulate the conditions during transportation.

4. Durability Test: The packaging was tested for durability by simulating the handling conditions it might experience during distribution and display in stores.

Purple Diamond conducted the above tests and identified that the leakage was caused by a poor quality seal. The client was informed about this and was recommended to improve the quality of the seals. The client followed the recommendation and improved the seals used in the packaging, resulting in better quality packaging.


It is essential to ensure that the packaging of cosmetics products is of high quality and safe for use. Packaging testing is an important step in ensuring that the packaging meets the required standards and is suitable for its intended use. In this case study, the issue of leaking packaging was identified and resolved through the use of packaging testing. The client was able to improve the quality of the packaging and maintain customer satisfaction.

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