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Our Packaging Design Solutions 📦

Working beyond the graphics, our team of packaging engineers will analyze the complete life cycle of your product to uncover cost savings opportunities and improve packaging function. #packagedesign

With years of dedicated experience in the product and packaging industry, our team of packaging design and engineering specialists take a holistic approach to create seamless transitions, carrying your product from prototype to market. Although we offer a wide variety of packaging design servicesour typical design projects include:

 Our Services By Industry ⚕️💉👤📦🧪🧠

Purple Diamond provides testing, design, and engineering services across industries. Our diverse packaging design capabilities include areas of focus in the Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Consumer Products, and Food & Beverage industries. In addition to these areas of focus, Purple Diamond offers design project planning and management per industry specifications. #pharmaceuticalindustry

1️⃣ Consumer Products Industry

Purple Diamond understands the unique set of challenges packaging for consumer packaged goods face, in protecting what are typically consumables, against hazards in an ever evolving omni-channel distribution environment. Our consumer products packaging testing capabilities ensure package integrity and support quality assurance measures, to minimize packaging costs. #materialtesting #containerclosureintegritytesting

2️⃣ Pharmaceuticals Industry

At Purple Diamond, our extensive list of testing services for pharmaceuticals ensures the quality, efficacy, and safety in the development of drugs, medicines, and controlled substances are maintained to meet the highest standards. Our team of experienced engineers understand the regulatory complexities of the industry and can support your industry specific testing needs.

3️⃣ Medical Devices Industry

Our testing capabilities for medical devices span several areas of focus, including container closure integrity testing. At Purple Diamond, we offer a comprehensive list of testing services to evaluate product and package safety for medical devices with special consideration given to the manufacturing, distribution, storage, and specific use case environments where applicable.

4️⃣ Cosmetics Industry

Our cosmetics industry specific service offerings include materials testing, package testing, and stability storage. At Purple Diamond, our team of engineering specialists can create custom protocols to meet industry specific regulatory requirements for cosmetics packaging, physical testing to ensure package integrity, and stability storage to support quality assurance.

5️⃣ Food & Beverage Industry

At Purple Diamond, our food and beverage industry specific package testing capabilities focus on protection, containment, and storage to ensure products not only arrive unscathed to their destination, but can ultimately be handed off safely into the hands of the consumer with confidence. Our testing protocols are designed to ensure package integrity and product quality.

 Our Process

1️⃣ Concept

It all starts with your concept. Your concept and our expertise were meant to work together. We want to hear what you’ve been envisioning. #brainstorm

2️⃣ Collaboration

Together, we’ll collaborate to uncover insights and collect all the specs needed to define your project goals and set the timeline ahead. #teamwork

3️⃣ Strategy

Next, we’ll formulate a strategy to help guide the execution of your design project and develop an appropriate project management plan. #prototype

4️⃣ Development

As we work to bring your project to life, we’ll combine decades of experience, ingenuity, and creativity to develop your custom solution. #execute


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  • Consistently Optimizing Process, We Never Compromise Safety

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